Fast Forward 2018!

21 Days - Sunday January 14th to Sunday February 4th

Over the years people have experienced the power and presence of God during our seasons of prayer and fasting. We invite you to join us this year as we again, draw near to God during our 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting. 

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Week 1 Prayer Guide - Jan 14 - Jan 20 >

Week 2 Prayer Guide - Jan 21 - Jan 27 >

Week 3 Prayer Guide - Jan 28 - Feb 4 >

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The Daniel Fast

Week_3_Completed_21_Day_Fast.pdfSince the beginning of The Plant our church has been on a journey of drawing near to God through the spiritual disciplines. We have learned and continue to learn to be a church of prayer and fasting. We believe that these disciplines help us to draw near to God to hear His voice and know His will.

The reason our church chooses to fast for 21 Days is because in Daniel chapter 10, Daniel had fasted for 21 days seeking God to intervene in his circumstances. Our goal is to use Daniel’s example as our vehicle in learning to fast for an extended time. Daniel had chosen to eat only choice foods, “All that time I had eaten no rich food. No meat or wine crossed my lips, and I used no fragrant lotions until those three weeks had passed.” Daniel had chosen to only eat that which would nourish and sustain him. Actually, what Daniel ate was the healthiest food for him. He chose to abstain from those foods that were rich and delicacies. In the end Daniel had chosen to eat food that would bring physical strength and mental clarity. Why; that he would have the ability to not be distracted in a time he was seeking the wisdom and intervention of God.


Our hope is that you would join us on this Daniel Fast. Below is a list of foods you are able to eat and foods to eliminate during the 21 days. There are recipes online that you can find by just searching for Daniel Fast recipes. These 21 days are not to be a drag for you but rather inspire you to spiritual health and even physical wholeness.


If you choose not to do the Daniel fast there are other options to fast from:

Media: Television, Movies, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc.

Certain Foods: sweets, sugar, ice cream or anything that you may eat too much of.

Certain Beverages: coffee, soda, alcohol, caffeinated drinks


In the end it is not what you fast from it is the intent on why you are fasting. We want to thank you for joining us during this 21 Day Fast. Our Leadership Team is praying for each of you believing that this fast will be the catalyst for this coming year!


Daniel Fast Food Guide >

Week 1 Prayer Guide Jan 14 - Jan 20 >

Week 2 Prayer Guide Jan 21- Jan 27 > 

Week 3 Prayer Guide Jan 28 - Feb 4 >


Soup Drive Feb 4th

We break our fast on Super Bowl Sunday Jan 4th!  We're participating in the C.F.A.'s (Center for Food Action) SOUPER BOWL SOUP DRIVE

Let's help children and families in need in our community...

Bring in canned SOUP on Sunday Feb 4th!