Community Life

COMMUNITY LIFE of The Plant is rooted in relationships that people have with one another. We believe that a person's relationship with God is a journey in which people grow together through the power of the Holy Spirit and are empowered to experience their divine purpose. The sole purpose for having community life in our church is that we would “Gather to Scatter!” What does this mean? In Acts 2:42-48 there were three main purposes for gathering together: grow in their love and knowledge of Christ (UP), build relationships with each other (IN) and, together, be the hands and feet of Jesus right in their communities and neighborhoods (OUT). We gather and make disciples of Christ to be scattered back into our neighborhoods, communities and places of work.

For more information on how to be a part of Community Life please contact Omar at:

  • WherE DO I BEGIN?

    We would LOVE for you to be part of COMMUNITY LIFE of The Plant. Please see the groups below.  If you would like to sign up or need more information please contact Omar at:


    Starting Point is the front door of our church. In order to truly know who The Plant is, we offer a four week setting that allows people to meet leaders, learn about our core values with the purpose to find out if The Plant is the church for them.
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    A Missional Community is a gathering of people who are geographically located within their local community. Their purpose is to make Christ known within their neighborhoods and their collective relationships. Missional Communities are mid-sized groups big enough to serve together with impact while small enough to where everyone can find a place to belong! Find out more >


    Life groups are smaller gatherings of gender specific groups from within a Missional Community. Their purpose is to know Christ within their relationships together. Life Groups take a deeper look into the Scriptures, build strong bonds with one another and encourage each other to live out the Gospel in their everyday lives. These groups are lead by MC leaders.  
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    The Deeper Life is a phrase that the Christian & Missionary Alliance identifies as the vehicle for encountering the presence of God. The Deeper Life is a series of classes that take place throughout the Calendar School Year. These consist of but are not limited to: Prayer, Divine Healing, Understanding the Presence and Power of the Holy Spirit, Stewardship God’s Way.

    These courses are offered in 4-week intervals for the purpose of people going to deeper places within their faith, and also to prepare the next wave of leaders within our church family. Each class is taught by one of our Leadership Team members. 

    TIME: Classes will take place seasonally and will be posted.
    LOCATION: Church Office - 997 MacArthur Blvd. Mahwah, NJ

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