Lent is a forty-day period of fasting before Easter. It is a time when the Church journeys with Christ through his forty-day fast in the wilderness that prepared him for his ministry and death.

The focus of Lent is fourfold:

      - Fasting

      - Prayer

      - Repentance

      - Giving

The forty days of Lent start on Ash Wednesday, February 14th and end on Holy Saturday, the day before Easter. Each Sunday during Lent is a break in the fast. Just as The Plant celebrates community together on Sundays with worship, the break in the fast each week is a reminder that the somberness of Lent that culminates in Good Friday led to a joyous celebration of Christ's resurrection on Easter Sunday.

Which will you choose?

The focus of Lent this year will be on how fasting is a spiritual discipline for the growth of others and just just our own growth.

Basically, we will be exploring how fasting is a missional practice.

                                                                                                                                             Prayer – for ourselves, for our church and for others

                                                                                                    FASTING       roundedrightarrow        Repentance – for ourselves, for our church and for others

                                                                                                                                             Giving – to our church and to others

The practice of fasting will lead us to spiritually reflect on how our actions and disciplines call us to live missionally through prayer, repentance and giving. In other words, fasting is not only about personal spiritual growth―it is about empowering us through the Holy Spirit to set up God's Kingdom in our midst. When we participate in fasting as a missional practice our spiritual practices will be transformed from practices for personal spiritual growth and turn into practices that transform our lives, our families, our church and our community.

  • social Media

    Fasting from media or entertainment: social media, TV, streaming video, video games, etc. What are those multimedia distractions in your life? 

  • Food

    Fasting from foods associated with “feasting”: chocolate, desserts, coffee/caffeine, alcohol, steak, fried foods, breads, etc. What are those craving foods you eat on a regular basis? 

  •                         Whole Fast

    In addition to a partial fast, you may also consider embracing a whole fast. A whole fast is not abstaining from food for all of Lent, but rather the practice of skipping entire meals (and snacks) for a specific amount of time. During a whole fast, you can continue to drink water or some other non-substantial liquid, like chicken broth. Begin by fasting one meal a week on a consistent day. After two weeks fast two meals and then on Good Friday choose to fast for 24 hours. 

the plant church prayer book

As you go through the fast each week, we want to share a daily devotion to help encourage you during your fast. Throughout each week, there will be a theme that will direct the focal point of each daily devotion. The daily devotions will guide you through each day with a call to prayer, scripture, a time of reflection, a missional response, and a community prayer. You can click on each week to open the weekly devotional. We hope that this will help encourage you as you go through your fast.