Digital Fast 2023

Welcome to The Plant Church Fast 2023. This year, we want to invite you to join us as we fast from our digital devices and turn that time spent there to Jesus. The fast will go from Jan 8 to 31. Below we have created some options for you to take a look at as you consider which form of the digital fast is best suited for you. We hope you will join us as we look forward to seeing God move in our lives as we fast from our technology.

Check out this video!


Which will you choose?

  • social Media

    Delete your social apps including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, YouTube, Etc. Spend the time you would have used scrolling to pray, read scripture, or reach out to a friend and check in on them. 

  • tv

    Take a break from binging, streaming and channel surfing. Prioritize relationships with family, friends, or your life group. Do a non-digital activity together. Pray for each other and read scripture together.

  • News Media

    Take time to be less informed by this world's news and more informed by Jesus' work in your life. Read scripture, pray, pick up a faith-based book to help you in your spiritual formation.

Let them know

People might be wondering where you have and so we have provided a couple ways to let people know what is going on. Use one of these two pictures below to share on your social media and let them know you'll be back in February!