How can i Help?

Prayer Support

Pray! It's imperative that we cover this whole campaign in prayer. We will be encouraging everyone to participate through a time of prayer and fasting. Sign up to pray on our 40 Day Prayer Calendar. Also we invite you to participate in our 24 hour Pray Encounter

Volunteer & Questions

To volunteer on a team or if you have questions, please contact Shane: shanehigby@gmail.com


Prayerfully make a pledge on the pledge card. Pray cards are available at church or can be downloaded below.  Drop the pledge card in the wooden chest in the new Family & Prayer Room located across from the restrooms.  

Pledges are due by Sunday December 15th.



Sunday, October 6th

Campaign Launch

Monday, October 14th - Saturday, November 23rd

40 Days of Prayer & Fasting

Sign up to fast and pray on our 40 day prayer board in the multipurpose room.  

You may also email (Anna): annamonforth@me.com to find an open spot!

Friday, October 11th - Sunday, November 3rd

Communication Period

Team leaders will be visiting your groups to talk about the vision of the campaign and to answer questions.

Friday, November 1st - Saturday November 2nd

24 Hour Prayer Encounter

Please join us during our 24 prayer encounter, 4:00pm to 4:00pm

Sunday, November 24th

Sunday Morning Celebration Event

First Fruits Offering

Congregational Pledges

Sunday, December 8th

Sunday Morning Celebration Event

First Fruits Offering

Congregational Pledges

Announcement Results


Dear Plant Family,

With great anticipation I am excited to announce the launching of a new adventure. It will be an adventure that is the first of its kind. One that our church has never embarked upon before. But also, one that our leadership team can no longer deny that God is asking us to begin.

From day one, our vision has been clear that we are called by God to this community to make Christ known. For the past 11 years we have been serving, loving, and believing the prayer of Jesus, “Your Kingdom come” for this community. It is now time for our church family to believe that His Kingdom is amongst us reflected in our church family and the community presence we have established. Because of that we are launching a Vision Campaign called Kingdom Now!

Inside this brochure you will discover:

- a list of ways you can be involved

- a time line for KINGDOM NOW

- a list of team leaders committed to the campaign

The general goal of this campaign is to foster prayer in unity for the future of our church. In order for this location to be our permanent home we must raise funds for the purchase of the building and the renovation of the facilities that would increase capacity. This is a NOW moment to pray, believe, and participate in making this campaign a reality. So please take the time today to read this brochure to discover how you can participate.

This is a time for decisive action. The one question every church needs to ask is this, “If the church were to leave their community would the community feel a loss?” Our answer would be a resounding YES! As a church, we all would agree that God has called us to Mahwah and specifically to this location. As a church, we agree that this community desires The Plant to be here and continue to have a Gospel presence in this community.

As a church family we are inviting you to join us to make this a reality. Together let us make Christ known by partnering in our Kingdom Now declaration!

In His Hand,

Rob Parker