We are super excited to partner with you as you consider hosting a party this summer! We want you to invite your friends, neighbors, coworkers- whomever to join you as you host a get together of your choosing. Our goal is 75 parties taking place anywhere from May 25 - Sept 2, and we will celebrate each one happening! 

Our purpose for this challenge is to be missional this summer.  What does missional mean? Being gospel-present for those God has put in our life. 

How do we do this? Host a summer party for your friends, coworkers and neighbors! Have great food, beverages and enjoy games, music, and more!

Register your party by clicking the link below so that we can start the count towards 75 and offer you a complimentary kit.


*Parties will not be advertised by the Plant, this is just so that we know how many are being scheduled so that we can celebrate and support you, and get you a helpful giveaway!